LFIAA Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu “Eight Trigram Rollaways Method”

There are quite a few variations on the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu two-person counter/counter training exercise known as “Rollaways”. We in the LFIAA are taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers to perform the “Eight Trigrams Method” for example one student will perform the Li (Fire) trigram method, while their training partner will perform the Kan (Water) trigram method and then vice-versa alternating from one trigram to the other. The Eight Trigram Rollaways Method combines linear, angular and circular defensive and offensive footwork using single, and multiple striking and kicking techniques, alongside soft and hard blocking and deflecting techniques, joint locking and throwing methods. The ultimate aim of practicing the Eight Trigram Rollaways Method is to allow the student of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu to freely explore and express themselves and their fighting art, developing and strengthen their co-ordination, balance, concentration, precision, accuracy, timing and reactions for which we will all need to develop if we are to protect ourselves from an aggressive confrontation in a real life threatening situation.

There are four levels of training within the Eight Trigram Rollaways Method as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers to his students. Once his students as covered tall four training levels of EightTrigram Rollaways Method they will be allowed to practice the Free Fighting exercise known as (Sanshou). By the time that any student has reached this level they should have attained a high level of proficiency to naturally adapt and change their Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu fighting techniques to overcome any situation that their opponent should throw at them. Master Chee Soo taught his students many different types of the Rollaway training exercises, sadly many of Master Chee Soo’s senior students have not spent their own time developing or furthering the Rollaways exercise that they were taught, some still only practice a limited version of the exercise to their own students,. This limited version of the Rollaways exercise does not allow their students to be able to fully explore and develop their Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu to the best of their ability.

The Eight Trigram Rollaways Method as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers is based upon using skilful footwork, every defensive tor offensive technique that a student performs must be accompanied with a typical series of stepping methods. This means that the students are constantly on the move combining linear, angular and circular footwork with their striking and kicking techniques. Because the students are encouraged to be on the move all of the time this will develop their fitness and stamina, invigorate their cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which will in-turn stimulate their Qi circulation to flow naturally throughout the entire body, but especially into their extremities.

Within the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers of the LFIAA The Eight Trigram Rollaways Method is the main focul point within every students training within the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu. All of the students defensive and offensive fighting techniques that each individual learns and develop s as to be freely performed and expressed within the Eight Trigrams Rollaways Method as a way to sharpen each students tools and raise their level of proficiency to a very high standard before moving onto the Free Fighting exercise.

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