LFIAA “Walking with a Qi Ball Qigong” (Zuo Qi Qiu Gong) Exercise.

The Daoist Qigong exercise known as “Walking with an Energy Ball” (Zuo Qi Qiu Gong) involves the individual holding their both hands in front of the chest at the height of the Middle Elixir Field (Zhong Dantian) or otherwise known as the “Crimson Palace”. The individual then begins to rotate their both hands around moving in a vertical circular motion, making sure that the energy cavity (Qixue) located in the centre of both palms remain facing each other while the both hands rotate around each other. It is important that the individual also involves the movement of the both shoulders and scapulars, so that the upper back gently stretches invigorating more blood and qi to flow into the both arms and hands giving the individual a more tangible sensation of holding an energy ball (Qi Qiu) within both hands. The exercise can be practiced from a static standing position and it should be performed slowly with deep breathing and the rising and lowering of the legs in time with the actions of the arms, hands and breathing.

When practicing the rotating of the energy ball while walking either in a linear or circular direction. The stepping method that is chosen to walk with is the “Mud Wading Step Method” (Tang Ni Bu Fa), this particular stepping method is performed by the individual taking a step forwards and placing the whole of the sole of the foot onto the floor at the same time, the front leg should be kept straight with no body weight placed on it. The body weight remains on the rear supporting leg which is bent at the knee, the individual will then shift their body weight forwards onto the front leg, while the rear leg then performs the Mud Wading Step placing the whole foot onto the floor at the same time with the knee kept straight. As the individual steps forwards the both hands will begin to rotate the energy ball, it is important that the same arm and leg of the same side of the body move forwards at the same time alternating from side to side moving slowly with co-ordinated breathing.

The Walking with a Qi Ball Qigong exercise when performed with the Mud Wading Step  can be performed moving in a linear direction for as many stepping actions as the area that they are practicing in allows. The linear stepping method is a great exercise to practice and prepare yourself before moving onto the more difficult circular Walking with a Qi Ball method, again using the Mud Wading Stepping method which will promote strong blood and Qi flow into the both feet, gently flushing the Yin & Yang channels of the both legs clean of any stagnant energy by the opening and closing of the hips joints (Kua).

Over-al the Walking with a Qi Ball Qigong (Zuo Qi Qiu Gong) exercise will strengthen and improve the  flexibility of the muscles, tendons and joints of the whole body, promoting strong blood and Qi flow into the extremities removing any stagnant blood or blocked energy that can cause an imbalance in the individuals health and wellbeing. Due to the slow breathing which will strengthen the respiratory  and cardiovascular systems (Lungs & Heart) as well as soothing the nervous system to help relax and release any anxiety or stress.

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