LFIAA Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage (Lishi Tui Na Qigong) “Massage Techniques for the Head”

Within the Li/Lee Family’s (Lishi) healing system of its Energy  Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong) there are a wide variety of massage techniques that can be used to treat patients who suffer with various problems of the head and neck. Such as headaches, migraines, facial paralysis, stiff neck, insomnia, stress and anxiety ailments. The practice of the Energy Bodywork Massage system  is seen simply as an extension of the other mind & body disciplines of Tai Chi,  Gongfu, and Qigong that are also taught within the LFIAA, as the body mechanics, breathing and hand techniques used withing these different but related systems all have the same connections, which are used to develop and manipulate the tangible sensations of Qi to enter and exit the body of the practitioner and the patient. When it comes to using the many Lishi Tui Na massage techniques to treat patients with head and neck problems then there is a wide variety of techniques that the practitioner can decide to use.

One of the main characteristics of the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage system is that we will spend a longer time staying in one particular area, rather than quickly moving all over the head or neck like other massage styles would do. The main reason for remaining in one area for a much longer time is to allow the Lishi practitioner to connect, guide and lead the patients Qi and begin to manipulate their Qi by either gathering the Qi into one area to nourish, strengthen and repair a deficient or weak area of the body. The practitioner can also lower and raise the patients energy (Qi) if there is to much excess or deficiency of energy within one area, the Lishi practitioner can also enter Qi deeply into the patient or exit sickly Qi out of heir body through the skilful hand manipulative methods.

Today there are many types of different massage styles that do not advocate using a wide range of manipulative techniques on the head such as patting for example. This is I believe mainly down to the lack of confidence  in the individual, as Patting is a great technique to use obviously with caution on the amount of strength being used to Pat the patients head to treat ailments like numbness, tinnitus and poor circulation etc. The use of the Combing  Technique (Sho Fa) that is taught and performed within the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage system can be used to gently relax the patient and treat a wide range of ailments like insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. It is the skill of the Lishi practitioner hand manipulative  methods to be able to connect with the patients energy Qi) and to then be able  guide and lead their energy anywhere within their body to bring balance, good health and wellbeing  back.

My teacher Master Chee Soo would always mention that all of the mind & body disciplines that are taught within the spectrum of the Li/Lee Family Arts are all interconnected with each other. The practice and study of the Lishi Healng system of Tui Na Qigong  is a great method of individuals who are practicing Tai Chi, Gongfu or Qigong to further extend and develop their training to another level that gives them a much more rounded and full discipline.

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