LFIAA Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu “Seize & Grasp Lockflow Wrestling Training” (Qin Na Suoliu Fa)

All Chinese martial arts incorporate some level of joint lock (Qin Na) training within their system. The seizing and grasping of the joints, tendon and muscles is considered part of the wrestling range of fighting, as all of its techniques can be performed from a standing, sitting or lying on the ground position. This particular type of Qin Na wrestling training in the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu was called by my teacher Master Chee Soo as “Grips & Breakouts” training. The purpose was to allow each student to apply any type of hold, grip or joint lock including chokes and strangles as well as counters to any of the various holds, chokes or joint locks applied on yourself. This particular type of training  not only teaches each student a great variety of joint locks (Qin Na) techniques and reversals, it also teaches them to develop their tactile awareness skill such as learning to remain in contact or sticking (Zhan) to the training partner, which in-turn trains each student to develop their ability to listen (Ting)  to their opponent or training partners intention.

At a basic level practicing the Qin Na wrestling exercise both students are only allowed to apply holds, locks, chokes and strangles, plus their counter techniques from a standing position. Then after a while of training they can then move to the next level were they can add strikes or kicks  to escape from any type of hold or joint lock, obviously this then teaches each student to be prepared for that type of reaction and to then not just focus on applying joint locks and holds. This begins to start combining striking, kicking ranges with the wrestling range of fighting and using each particular range to counter each other. The next stage would be to add in takedowns or throwing methods (Shuai Fa) that could be performed from a strike, kick or joint lock and to then continue countering each other’s holds and joint locks from the ground.

I was always taught by Master Chee Soo and Other Masters that all the different areas of training that are taught within the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu should at sometime come together as this is the only true way that a student or practitioner can learn how to “change and adapt” their fighting techniques to overcome any situation. Sadly many students are not given the opportunity to begin to combine their Poison Hand striking methods  (Dushou Fa) with their Foot Flow training methods  (Jiao Liu Fa)  and with their wrestling  methods (Qin Na Fa) which allows them to find and express themselves developing their ability to make their Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu become a more practical form internal martial arts. Simply not allowing each student to learn how to flow from one range of fighting into another does not develop their confidence and belief in being able to use the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu effectively against any type of physical confrontation.

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