LFIAA Standing Post Work (Zhan Gong Fa)

One popular method that is used within the practice of  the Standing Post work (Zhangong) to cultivate qi for health and wellbeing comes from the “Mind & Body Boxing System” of (Xingyiquan) and is called the Trinity Posture (Santii).  This is one of my favourite Standing Post postures that I practice more than any other,  again good body alignments must be maintained to allow for a good flow of energy throughout the whole body. The stance should be sixty percent of the body weight placed onto the back leg, while forty percent should be placed onto the front leg, that is why this stance is some times called the 6/4 stance. You can if you wish hold a 50/50 stance with the body weight evenly distributed between both legs, this allows the individual to stand for a much longer period of time. Irrespective of we’re you place your body weight both knees should be bent with the pelvis sunk down as if riding on a horse.

The torso is held upright with the body square on to the front leg with both shoulders and hips in alignment. The nose and navel should also be lined up with each other. The chest should be slightly hollowed and the back rounded with both shoulders squeezing towards each other from the front. The front arm is extended forwards with the Palm face it forwards and the fingers pointing upwards. The tiger mouth (Hukou) the area between the thumb and index finger should be rounded and kept open and level with the  eyes which look directly at the tigers mouth, the front elbow should be inline with the front legs knee. The rear hand is placed in front of the navel with the tigers mouth facing the body with the Palm facing the ground, both armpits of each arm are held open, the front hand should be  inline with the nose and front foot.

The crown of the head (Baihui Point) should gently push upwards to the sky and the tip of the tongue should touch the roof of the mouth known as the “Magpies Bridge” (Que Qiao). The breathing should be in and out through the nose with the breathing being long, smooth, deep and even the individual should not be able to hear their own breathing. The. aim should be to then hold this posture for 10 to 15 minutes on each side of the body, gradually building the standing time to 30 minutes each side. The mind (Yi) should be placed on the lower elixir field (Xia Dantian) located at the navel to collect the vital energy (qi), as Lao Zi mentions within his book of the “Dao and Virtue” (Daodejing) “Fill the belly and Empty the mind” which means to gather and store the qi while clearing the mind.

Practicing the Standing Post methods (Zhangong Fa) is a really good way to strengthen both mind and body to mprove health and wellbeing irrespective of how old you are or what gender you are. You can practice them in-doors or outside in the fresh air in some quite spot were you cannot be disturbed. You do not need any special clothing other than everyday loose clothes to help you remain relaxed.

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