LFIAA Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu “Rolling Hands Developing ability to Stick & Adhere” (Gun Shou Nian Zhan Jin)

One of the most important reasons for practicing the Original. Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu Rolling Hands exercise is to develop your tactile awareness skill, which is very much needed when you are fighting in-close as you have no time to react to your opponents attacks, but through your sense of touch you can immediately feel their intentions, body weight and direction and quickly re-direct it. There are many types of tactile energy work that each student must learn and develop to a very high standard of proficiency

  • Listening Energy (Ting Jin) is  the first method the ability to listen through your sense of touch and contact with your opponent. This means that no matter what part of your body makes contact with your opponent you should be able to listen (Ting Jin) through that area of contact to feel your opponents intended move, obviously the more aggressive your opponent is the easier it is to feel their intent and direction of force.
  • Sticking Energy  ( Zhan Jin)  is to develop  the ability to attach and stick to your opponent, it is important to make contacts be able to listen through your sense of touch on your opponents intention. Being able to remain in contact with your opponent is a very differcult thing to achieve.
  • Adhere Energy (Nian Jin) is the ability to adhere to your opponents limb while he is trying to pull away, you must make  sure that you remain relaxed and pliable enough to adjust with your opponents actions of trying to break contact from you. Again the Adhere Jin is one of the most differcult Jins to develop skill in.
  • Following Energy ( Sui Jin) is a combination of both the Stick, Adhere Jins to make contact and then to remain there for as long as possible by then following your opponents actions, but being ready to change and redirect your opponents strength should they try and attack.
  • Joining Energy (Lian Jin) once you have developed the ability to attach and follow your opponents intention . The next stage is to develop the ability to join with your opponent, so that you can immediately feel every little change in the opponent intent to be able to develop the  next stage of “if my opponent does not move, I don’t move, But if my opponent moves slightly I have already moved”.
  • Coiling Energy (Chan Jin) is a type of controlling energy technique that allows the individual to circle around the opponents joints to be able to limit there range of movement and to redirect the opponents strength and possibility to strike. To skilfully use the Coiling Energy the individual must be able to attach to the opponents limb using any surface area of their fingers (Zhi), hands (Shou) or arms (Bei) this includes the back of the hands and arms as well as the inside.

There are many more types of energy (Jins) that can be developed through the practice of Rolling Hands ( Gun Shou Fa) to help the student of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu to become highly skilful with their tactile ability. Which allows them to have a better sense of control  when fighting at close range with an aggressive opponent and to be able to successfully apply their own strikes, kicks, wrestling or throwing techniques in a natural, spontaneous  flow that allows them to change and adapt their techniques to overcome the situation in front of themselves.


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