LFIAA Sun Style Xingyiquan “Wood Element Fist” (Beng Quan)

The Sun Style ( Sunshi) Five Element Boxing (Xingyiquan) involves five short individual fist forms that correspond to the five martial art methods of Splitting (Pi Quan), Drilling (Zuan Quan), Pounding (Bao Quan), Crushing (Beng Quan) and Crossing (Heng Quan). These then connect to the elements of Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Earth which are then connected to the five internal organs of the Lungs, Kidneys, Heart, Liver and Spleen. Practicing any or all of the Five Element Fist Forms will cultivate strong energy (Qi) and blood (Xue) circulation to strengthen each individuals health and wellbeing.

The Crushing fist method (Beng Quan Fa) is a Wood element form  which benefits the internal organ of the Liver. The Crushing Fist can be quickly delivered as a single powerful punch or a series of fast and powerful punches that take the shortest route to its target which is a straight line. Defensively the Crushing Fist (Beng Quan) can also be used to cut into the in-coming strike aimed towards the body, using the forearm to cut into the opponents attacking strike.

As an exercise towards strengthening the health and wellbeing when you combine your breathing to the Crushing Fist form movements the individual can  greatly develop their cardio fitness. The strengthening of the legs is enhanced through the stepping actions which again will promote blood flow as the Chinese consider the legs to be the “Second Heart”. Meaning the more you work them the greater the effect on the heart rate they have.. many individuals do not realise that there is circular movement in the practice of the five element fist forms and this circular actions is obviously performed by the joints, which in-turn will develop the individuals flexibility and their  ability to release  joint stiffnesss and  muscular tension on a physical level, as for the emotional level it can also benefit  by helping to release any frustrations, irritability or stress that as accumulated. It can also help to develop the individuals ability to concentrate and calm the mind from all of the chaos that goes on within our minds.

The Wood element is associated with the Liver, anger hurts the Liver as it allows the energy (Qi) to rise upwards into the head which can cause problems with the Heart which in-turn  effects the blood pressure and nervous system to become out of balance causing illness. Practicing the Crushing Fist form (Beng Quan) can help to regulate he Liver  organ and release any build up of sickly energy (Bing Qi) allowing the individual to become more calmer in the self.

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