LFIAA Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu “Yijing Principle to Change & Adapt”

Within the practice of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu (Hand of the Wind Boxing) we use a lot of traditional Daoist theory as guidelines for our practitioners to allow them to skilfully use this internal martial art effectively. My teacher Master Chee Soo was great at explaining and demonstrating  on how to use the principles of Yin & Yang in all its many variations like softness, hardness, lightness, heaviness etc within its skilful usage to make each student develop a high level of skill within their own expression of how Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu should be. Another principle that Master Chee Soo also taught was the ability to be balanced not just for good agility, but to be also fully balanced with your own hand and foot skill, a balanced mind and body or to be fully balanced within all the areas of your Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu training meaning striking, kicking, wrestling, throwing and of cause its weapon work.

Another principle that he would mention was that all practitioners of Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu  must learn to achieve the ability to spontaneously “Adapt and Change” their own Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu fighting methods to overcome any circumstance that  their opponent would throw at them. This particular principle comes straight out of the “Yijing” or Book of Changes which tells us that everything is in a constant state of change and we must learn to except it and learn how to adapt and change with the changes that life can throw at us, sometime good and sometimes bad. For those of us who practice the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu we must also learn how to “Adapt and Change” our fighting techniques to overcome any threatening situation.

Learning how to use Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu skilfully to overcome any situation takes a lot of time dedicated to practicing all areas of this unique internal fighting art. Within Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu there are many two-person counter, counter training exercises that teaches each student to use multiple striking and kicking techniques, joint locking and throwing methods both defensively and offensively against each other, learning to naturally adapt and change to each other attacks and counter attacks.  although there are many fighting combinations or techniques to learn in the study and and practice of this internal martial art, in a real fighting situation the Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu practitioners techniques are based upon what the opponent does, he simply adapts and changes his or her techniques  to fully overcome the opponent. The practitioner does not enter any situation with a set plan on how they will use their Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu techniques to overcome a situation as this makes them become very rigid and stops them from being able to be flexible enough to change and adapt their martial art.

A practitioner of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu re-actions are guided by their opponent aggressive actions, they simply use the full extent of their fighting skill to adapt and change to overcome the situation. They do not plan their fighting strategy on how to overcome their opponent they naturally and skilfully flow spontaneously adapting  their martial art techniques to what the opponent uses against them, changing their angles of attack and defence, changing their tempo from fast to slow, from soft to hard, light to heavy this is what it means to adapt and change to overcome the situation.


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