LFIAA Wild Goose Qigong “Sensing the Qi Movement”

When  any beginner starts to learn the Wild Goose Qigong form their main concern is obviously to try and remember the actual movements and sequence of each posture as they all link together smoothly. Gradually after about six months or more with the individual practicing regularly which greatly helps, the individual will begin to experience  a variety of sensations which usually occur within their fingers, palms and arms at first, then gradually spreading into the toes, feet and legs until the whole body starts to experience these sensations. Each individual will experience at sometime in their practice of the Wild Goose Qigong certain sensations like warmth, tingling, coldness, fulllness, heaviness, lightness, itcyness or movement which could be a sensation like a vibration, shaking or flushing of  heat or coldness usually into the extremities.

Personallly I believe that it is when the beginner begins to experience these sensations of energy movement within themselves that their Wild Goose Qigong  transforms from an external practice to an internal practice. What also helps is to co-ordinate the breathing with the movements as breathing inwards is performed with the actions of the Wild Goose Qigong when the arms are moving upwards and of cause breathing outwards when the arms are slowly lowering downwards. It is important that the breathing and the actions are moving all at the same speed. I was taught that breathing is like the wind (Feng) gently blowing  to encourage a fire (Qi) to start up and begin to burn, breathing helps the Qi to heat up and travel through the whole body so that each individual experiences the sensations of heat, tingling in their hands and feet.

To experience the  actual movement of Qi within your body does take a long time to develop with lots of regular practice on a daily basis. The movement of Qi can be a sensation of a vibration within your lower elixir field ( Xia Dantian)   that gradually grows outwards to your extremities which the individual can  experience as a trembling or shaking of the hands and fingers as the Qi surges through the nervous system. Another sensation of Qi movement within the body is the sensation of warm or cold flushes travelling upwards and downwards through the arms and legs as the blood and Qi flows strongly due to the actions of your Wild Goose Qigong form.

There are many postures in the practice of the Wild Goose Qigong where each individual can feel their own Qi movement, like when the both hands rise upwards in front of the individuals face, they can experience a sensation of warmth on their face from the heat of their both hands. Or when the both palms face each other as if holding. A ball they shoulder e tern all actions all of the time. experience a tangible sensation of warmth, coldness, tingling or if it is very strong a sensation of holding a magnet in their hands with the feeling of resistance between both palms. As the individual practices their Wild Goose Qigong it is the sensation of Qi movement within themselves that they should be trying to sense and experience and not just focusing on their external actions all of the time. As the movement of Qi and blood within themselves can graduallly disperse blockages and stagnation that could affect their physical, emotional, mental. No spiritual health and wellbeing.


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