LFIAA Eight Healing Sounds Daoyin “The Heart Sound Method” (Xin Sheng Fa)

Many individuals practice and study the Healing Sounds guiding and leading (Daoyin) exercises to bring balance to their own health and wellbeing. Usually people practice the  more popular ” Six Healing Sounds Methods” ( Liu Jiao Sheng Fa)  which covers the five Yin internal organs  of the Lungs, Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys and the Triple Warmer (Sanjiao) of cause the Sounds can differ from each particular style taught as each Style uses there own unique method  which gives us a great amount of variety. I was taught both the Six and Eight Healing Sounds practices by two different teachers and I much prefer to practice and teach the Eight Healing Sounds methods as I find them to be very strong and powerful in their Healing effectiveness both for myself and to my patients who I have taught to for specific illnesses.

The Eight Healing Sounds practice can be performed from a Lying, Sitting, Standing and Moving postitions, the Eight Healing Sounds corresponds to the Lungs, Heart, Kidneys, Stomach, Spleen, Liver the last to methods that make up the total Eight Sounds are used to Disperse blocked energy (Qi) and blood stasis (Xue) that can accumulate wi him the whole internal organs, the last method is performed to was h the ” Bone Marrow” to strengthen our skeletal system. When we practice any of the Eight Healing Sounds Daoyin the movements are used to aid the “Sound” and not the other way round in that the movements are more important than the Sound.

Let’s have a look at one particular method of the Eight Healing Sounds Daoyin. The Heart (Xin) is considered the Emperor of all of the internal organs as it promotes blood circulation around the whole body which carry nutrients to strengthen our health. The Heart is also closely connected to our (Shen) Spirit and a healthy Heart means that we are active full of vitality, our head is held upright and the individual carry themselves with a positive attitude. Whereas, if the Heart  is out of balance causing hypertension, palpitations etc then an individual  can have low vitality levels, their confidence to travel far is effected causing their spirit to  diminish. When you use the (Ah) sound associated with the Heart alongside its own unique movements the Vocalisation of the (Ah) sound can be non-vocal which is used to  tonify the Heart with gently vibration, or vocally it can be used to disperse strongly vibrating the Heart.

Obviously if the individual is suffering with a particular ailment then the Vocalisation of the Heart sound as to fit the patients illness to either sedate or stimulate their energy (Qi) to gradually strengthen their health. For the more healthier individual practicing the Eight Healing Sounds Daoyin is a great method of balancing, nourishing and strengthening their own health.


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