LFIAA Wild Goose Qigong ” Unify the Whole Body” (Yi Tong Shen)

One of the most important principles within the study and practice of the Wild Goose Qigong (Dayan Gong) is to unify the whole body in its movements and not have isolated parts of the body moving, while the rest of the body is not moving. To promote a strong flow if qi through the entire body means that the whole body should be connected and move as a whole. “If one part moves, the whole body moves, of one part stops then the whole body stops” the more parts of the body that are moved the greater the  effect it will have on manipulating the qi and blood, plus, because more parts of the body are involved within each movement allowing for the joints, muscles, tendons and sinews to be gently stretched and opened much more which will develop greater flexibility and range of mobility.

As the individual performs their Wild Goose Qigong form the aim is to unify the legs with the torso with the arms so that each part feels connected to each other. There is a particular posture within the Wild Goose Qigong 1st post natal form where the individual stretches downwards towards their foot and grasps their toes  between the fours and thumb of one hand. Then using the thumb they draw three small circles are the base of the big toe massaging  the Liver 3 acupuncture point . Many individuals will perform this posture and simply move the thumb around in a circle, but the rest of the body does not move. This is wrong has it does not connect or unify the whole body. Instead of rotating the thumb the individual should think about circling their shoulder, which in-turn will circle the elbow, wrist and thumb, In fact  the whole body moves to allow the thumb to rotate around the big toe.

The more the individual begins to connect and unify their whole body within the practice of the Wild Goose Qigong  the more qi will be moved around the entire body. This internal movement of energy will then be felt by the individual in a more tangible and stronger sensation throughout the whole body, sensations like warmth, tingling, itching and  fullness are just some of the types of sensations that should be felt as the individuals  qi begins to circulate through the torso and into the extremities. Once the individual begins to unify the whole body in a much more smooth and skilful manner their health will improve with an abundance of vitality and internal strength.

By learning to move various parts of the whole body in a more connected and unified motion will work the individual much more physically and mentally, giving them a greater feeling of exercising the whole body. This will then strengthen their cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and immune systems increasing their health, wellbeing and fitness.

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