LFIAA Taijiquan “Standing Post” ( Taiji Zhan Zhuang)

Because our lifestyles are so hectic, fast and at times very stressful I find that when certain individuals attend my taijiquan classes they seem to take a very long time to settle down and calm their minds and body. This comes down to many things such as rushing straight from work to class, traffic delays meaning that they arrive a little late for class and many, many more situations arise that  can disturb the students ability to relax and concentrate. This is were it is really beneficial to begin your taiji class session off with some Standing Post Qigong (Taiji Zhan Zhuang Gong) for about ten to twenty minutes, this allows your students to calm and still their mind bringing them into a much better state to practice their taijiquan solo and two-person exercises.

If you are practicing taijiquan for the promotion of health and wellbeing then to add some taiji Standing post qigong to your private training session will greatly benefit your over-al taijiquan experience. Standing post qigong allows the individual to still their mind, relax the body and cultivate their energy (qi), all of the taijiquan solo form postures can be used to practice Standing post qigong some being more difficult than others to perform, but with some regular practice you will be able to hold a posture for a long period of time.

When you begin to really practice your taijiquan solo form very slowly you will begin to realise why practicing Standing post qigong is so important. As the practice of taijiquan seeks to find the “Stillness in the Motion” whereas, taiji Standing post qigong practice seeks to find the “Motion within the Stillness”, plus the slower you move the more strength you must develop in your posture to maintain your balance and body alignment and to maintain an even, smooth speed while opening, closing, rising and sinking the whole body in a unified motion.

Starting some of my taijiquan classes off with some Standing post qigong practice has had some really beneficial results with some of my students saying that they felt more relaxed, yet fully focused on they taijiquan practice. Standarding post qigong allows them to  transform their minds into a better state of stillness to practice their taijiquan, especially if they have rushed into class with a mind full of thoughts, problems that can have a negative effect on they taiji practice.


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