LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Gongfu “Issuing Power” (Fa Jing)

Within the practice and study of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu as taught by Master Chee Soo there are four main forms that was taught Poison Hand (Du  Shou), Active Mist (Hao Yun), Harmony Fist (Ping Quan) and Hand Shape Form (Shou Pai Fa). Once the student starts to learn and remember the many different movements and sets, they then have to look at developing power (Jong) both in their defensive and offensive actions. This means learning how to move their body correctly in a particular way that it adds more power to the students striking or kicking methods, without the student developing any power or strength in their fighting techniques would mean that the opponent would not show them any respect, as the opponent knows that he or she cannot get hurt.

Learning how to produce and issue power (Fa Jing) comes from the student learning correct body mechanics to issue strength and power effortlessly. We are told that the strength and power begins in our feet (Jiaodi) passes upwards through our legs into our waist (Qi Hai) and then travels up through our torso into our shoulders and arms and is then issued out through our palms centre (Zhangxin). Being able to produce great power only come from the student practicing repeatedly for many weeks, months and even years gradually refining their body mechanics to effortlessly issue power from a relaxed, pliable body.

Sadly, there are many students and teachers who just simply practice the many forms within the Feng Shou-Gongfu and are not aware that they also need to learn how to use correct body mechanics to enhance their forms and sets, transforming them into a more practical and powerful weapon that can seriously cause damage to an opponent. It is important that when the student practices any of the Poison Hand Striking Sets (Du Shou) that they seek to find the “circle within the straight line” understanding this saying can help the student transform their Poison Hand Strikes to another level of skill in being able to issue power (Fa Jung) effortlessly and repeatedly.

It is only through hours and hours of repeated practice learning to gradually refine their body mechanics to such a degree that they can produce great power through little body movement. Sadly today less and less students are willing to sacrifice their time to achieve this even of skill.

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