LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Gongfu “Staff Rollaways Eight Directional Stepping Exercise”.

For students of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu training with various weapons helps to improve their fighting awareness of being able to practically change  and adapt their fighting techniques to overcome any situation infront of themselves. Students under the guidance of Laoshi Keith Ewers begin their weapon training with the Staff (Gun) which includes basic Staff striking and blocking exercises, disarms, joint locking, throws and form practice. Practicing with the Staff is all about controlling the distance between yourself and your opponent for your Staff to be used at its best protential usage, this means that the student must also apply skilful footwork to evade the opponents attacks, plus to place them inan advantagous position to counter attack  from.

The individual basic Staff ( Jiben Gun Fa)practice of stance work, footwork, striking, blocking etc must all come together into one exercise that allows the students of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu to develop their ability to become skilful in their ability to react, time,change and adapt their fighting techniques to the opponent infront of themselves to be allowed to fully find and express their art. Under the instruction of Laoshi Keith Ewers Students are taught the Staff Rollaways Eight Directional Stepping exercise which allows them to bring various elements of their internal martial art together and build their confidence in being able to use it.

Practicing the Staff Rollaways exercise also allows each student to become aware of controlling the space between each other to fully use the Staff both defensively and offensively. All parts of the Staff are used as the student skilfully allows the Staff to pass through the hands smoothly remaining in contact with it at all times using either end of the Staff to attack with at various angles in single or multiple attacks, including feints to draw a response from  the opponent to open up their defence,were the student can then take advantage of.

My teacher Master Chee Soo used to say that Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu was a thinking mans art meaning that there is a tremendous amount of strategy  that each individual must be made aware off,simply repeating the same movements or actions are not going to work against an experienced fighter, as he can lure the an suspecting student into many traps to over power them. The Staff Rollaways exercise is like a big game of Chess were each student is trying to use their footwork to position themselves in the best position to attack from, sometimes the student is thinking of setting the opponent up in three movements ahead, if this does not happen he must then change and adapt again.

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