LFIAA Daoist Seasonal Sitting Daoyin Practices.

For those individuals who are interested in Daoist Meditation the practice of the twenty four seasonal sitting daoyin (Guiding & Leading Exercises) are an excellent complimentary practice that can be performed either leading towards the individual begining to sit and meditate or performed after they sit. As there are four seasons Spring, Summer, Autum and Winter there are six daoyin exercises for each season,  which means that has each season runs over a period of three months allowing the individual to practice two seasonal sitting daoyin exercises each month, which coincide with the phases of the new moon each month.

At the time of writing this blog we are in the last month of Spring (May) and Spring coincides with the internal organ of the Liver and the individual uses these seasonal sitting daoyin exercises to help repair, nourish and strengthen their Liver. As well as cultivating and circulating their energy (Qi) to boost their health and wellbeing. These seasonal sitting daoyin exercises all involve various breathing methods, arm and leg movements and self massage techniques on the various acupuncture points (Qixue) and meridians (Jingluo) to stimulate the smooth flow of qi unhindered  to nourish the internal organs (Zangfu).

Practicing any of the seasonal sitting daoyin exercises before you begin to meditate can quickly place you in the correct frame of mind, relaxing both the body and mind and stimulating the flow of blood and energy around the whole body. If you decide to meditate first and practice any of the seasonal sitting daoyin exercises afterwards,then they can be used stimulate the senses to wake the whole body up from a long period of sitting meditation practice. The seasonal sitting daoyin exercises can also be practiced separately on their own as a method of attaining good health and wellbeing by strengthening, nourishing and repairing the functioning of each internal organ as each season passes.

Summertime is the season of the “Red Phoenix” and it is quickly approaching and it will be the time of strengthening, nourishing and repairing the “Heart” through the six seasonal sitting daoyin exercises that are performed during the summer months.

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