LFIAA Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu “Developing Power”

Adding power to your defensive and offensive techniques is what every student of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu wants. As power is what scares your opponents and  earns their respect,  once your opponent as felt your heavy shocking power on his or her arm when you defensively block their incoming strike this will immediately place them on the back foot and really make them think if they should to continue their attack, as every time they attack or defend they receive painful reminder of what they have infront of the themselves.

There are three methods of body mechanics that a student of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu will learn how to develop and issue power (Fa Jing) into their techniques. Firstly they will learn and practice rotational or horizontal power which is learning how to turn their body around a central axis, secondly they will then study how to use and deliver a vertical power by learning how to whip the spine in a rippling or wave like action. Thirdly these two methods are then combined together to add tremendous strength and power into the students techniques.

A student of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Gongfu will practice these two body mechanic methods at first from a static position. This obviously trains the upper body and is quite easy to practice, but it is when the student apples these two body mechanics with their stepping actions that it takes a bit longer for each student to get the timing and precision accurate to be able to issue great power into their defensive and offensive techniques.

The key technique to adding power into the students techniques is to be able to remain loose and relaxed (Song Jin). This allows the body to respond like a spring that is flexible, elastic and soft making it easier to have an abundance of easy power that can be used practically and effectively in all of the students movements.

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