LFIAA Kunlun Qigong ” The Swimming Dragon Qigong”

Over the many centuries the Chinese have explored and created many different styles and exercises that are aimed at holistically helping the human being to become more healthier through natural movements of the body that strengthen the connections between the body, mind & spirit through the promotion and cultivation of the vital energy Qi that flows through everything within the universe.

One of the main schools of thought within China who were the creators of many different styles of using natural holistic movements,  which we are now aware off and is called “Qigong” ( Energy Work).  Where the Daoist school of maintaining a natural balance with nature and the Way (Dao).  One of these particular styles of Qigong that has become a very popular exercise within the LFIAA is the “Swimming Dragong Qigong” which promotes the connection of the body, mind & spirit through the development of the co-ordination, balance and concentration. This qigong style is really beneficial towards the promotion of a soft, supple and relaxed body, through its spiralling movements that twist, totate and stretch the whole body’s joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles  that releases the accumulated build up of stiffness and tension that can attack the individuals body and mind on a day to day basis.

I personally believe that everyone should take up the practice of qigong as a tool to be used to help keep your body and mind in a healthy state. The stresses and strains that many people suffer with on a regular day to day basis and who turn to taking anti-depressants or pain killers which in themselves can become addictive, causing more harm than good especially if takers  for to long a period. The practice of qigong exercise like that of the Swimming Dragon Qigong can help many individuals to become more relaxed with a body and mind full of vitality and strength, simply taking the time each day to take a 15 or 20 minute break to practice some qigong exercise can greatly change your outlook on life to become more  calmer and healthier and help you to fight against the stresses and strains that life throws at each and everyone of us.

As the Daoist believe learning to maintain “Softness” moves the individual towards life, whereas “Hardness” moves one towards death.



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