LFIAA Dao Yoga “Developing Softness Leads To Longlife”

The Daodejing mentions that “We are born soft and supple, yet we will die hard and rigid, hence attaining softness moves towards life, whereas attaining hardness moves towards death”. No matter how old you are there is no reason why you cannot help to change your own health and wellbeing, today many people go to gyms, participate in jogging or bike riding they buy all the fashionable clothes that go with their chosen activity mainly to help themselfs loose weight or simply to get fit. Practicing the above activities only develop the physical qualities of each individual,but do not strengthen the connections of the body, mind or spirit.

Practicing the Lishi Dao Yoga system as taught by the LFIAA allows the individual to soften their bodies with both passive and dynamic stretching actions that releases joint, tendon, ligament and muscle stiffness and tension which each person can suffer with on a regular basis, Joint stiffness and muscle tension can always attack each persons body on a day to day occasion, it can be caused from simply sitting at a desk for to long or from lifting heavy objects at work or at home etc. If this joint stiffness and muscular tension is left to build up within each persons body it can then lead towards certain individuals suffering with such ailments as high blood pressure, sciatica, fatigue, insomnia, headaches. Emotionally it can make the person become irritable, frustrated, depressed or argumentative to their loved ones, friends or work colleagues.

Learning the Lishi Dao Yoga exercises is truly a great way for everyone to exercise and help maintain a soft, supple and fully relaxed mind & body, especially as we grow older our bodies will naturally harden and become stiff which will effect the smooth flow of blood and energy to slow down or even stagnate. Practicing any of the Lishi Dao Yoga exercises can be performed within a small confined space, you do not have to wear a certain type of clothing to practice any of the exercises, all you simply need to wear is loose clothing that allows your body the freedom to move in any direction without any restriction and allows you to feel relaxed.

Because our life styles can sometimes be very fast, stressful and strained our mind can also become chaotic and very tense. This accumulated tension can cause migraines, headaches, dizziness due to the raising of the blood pressure caused by the mental stress that we are under at work or at home which can effect our bodies health and wellbeing.learning a few simply Dao Yoga exercises can not only soften the individuals joints, muscles and tendons. It’s mindfulness practice of the Dao Yoge exercises will also help the individual to release and calm the chaos that their minds are suffering with, they will in-time be able to attain a longer sense of stillness and relaxatiion within their mind and body after only a few weeks of practicing some of the Lishi Dao Yoga exercises.



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