LFIAA Qigong’s “Defensive Energy” (Wei Qi)

The Chinese say that the practice of qigong (energy work) is a form of preventive medicine and that is why is should be practiced by everyone on a daily basis. Through the regular practice of qigong exercise the practitioner will learn how to cultivate strong internal energy as well as the promotiion of a smooth flow of energy (qi) throughout the entire body to improve or maintain their health and wellbeing by removing both blood stasis and energy blockages caused by the stresses and strains of everyday living

The Chinese believe that illness is caused by the six external pathogens of hot, cold, dryness, dampness, wind and summer heat which can attack the body by entering through the pores of the skin which can then attack the internal organs (Zangfu) causing a variety  of serious type of illnesses that can be life threatening.  Regular practice of qigong  strengthens the external energy which is known by  various names such as the defensive qi, guardian qi or protective qi (Wei Qi) which is a thin layer of qi energy that emanates from the interior of the practitioners body to extend to the outside, if this external defensive qi is weak or as gaps missing then the external pathogens can easily attack and enter into the interior of the body causing I’ll health.

Qigong exercise is the development of the individuals essences (Jing), energy (Qi) and spirit ( Shen) known as the three treasures ( San Bao) through either sitting, standing or moving exercise that combines the body, mind and breath together to promote the smooth circulation of qi through the acupuncture channels (Jing), Vessels (Mai) and collaterals (Luo). The Chinese like to view the acupuncture pathways like the movement of water flowing from the land to the sea for example the collaterals (Luo) are considered to be like streams flowing into the rivers which are the  channels (Jing)which flow into the sea which are the vessels (Mai). It is through the connection of the energy pathways of the collateral, channels and vessels that through the regular practice of qigong  the qi flows to all areas of the body from internal to external. As the qi enters into the body and naturally expands forming our defensive qi field that surrounds our entire body protecting us from the external pathogens.

When our body is attacked by any external pathogen it is the collateral channels (Jingluo) that are the first acupuncture channels to be attacked as they connect to our skin, if left undone the external pathogens will then pass through the collaterals into the main channels (Jing) and into our internal organs. But through the practice of qigong the practitioner is able to maintain a strong flow of qi from the meridians into the collateral channels which end at the surface of our skin and which Iin-turn strengthen our defensive qi field. This is why everyone should take up the practice of some sort of style of qigong as a way to prevent ill health happening.



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