Taiji Qigong Exercises ” Mastering the self takes strength”

More and more people are beginning to gain tremendous benefit towards their health and wellbeing from practicing the ever increasing in popularity taiji qigong exercises. These taiji qigong exercises are simple and easy to learn by anyone of any age, they can be performed in a  confined space indoors or out, there are three main levels to learning and mastering the taiji qigong exercises and there is also the  harmonising of the internal (Nei Gong) and external (Wai Gong).

In the practice and learning of the taiji qigong exercises many individuals only practice the external techniques (Wai Gong) mainly to help them relax. Simply learning the external methods of each of the taiji qigong exercise will only allow  each individual to develop their balance, co-ordination, concentration and flexibility, but it will not strengthen their jing, qi and Shen until each individual begins to develop the internal (Nei Gong) practices of each taiji qigong exercise.

Learning and understanding how to harmonise the external and internal techniques and methods of  each of the taiji qigong exercises will allow the individual to circulate the energy (qi) through the small and large heavenly circulation to increase their  energy cultivation and strengthen their energy levels to help improve and maintain good health and wellbeing. For any individual to learn how to open their small ( Xiao Tian  Huan) and large heavenly circulation ( Da Tian Huan) they must have a good understanding of how to work their internal mechanics to help guide and lead ( Daoyin) their qi through the associated acupuncture meridians and channels (Jing Mai) that help to create and open both the small and large heavenly circulations.

Not many individuals will develop their own practice of the taiji qigong to raise to the level of opening the small and large heavenly circulations. Many are just happy to practice the external taiji qigong exercises just to improve their relaxation levels. But as I ve already mentioned to fully master the taiji qigong you must be able to combine both the external and internal mechanics together as one.



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