LFIAA Swimming Dragon Qigong “Rejuvenate yourself”

One of the most powerful and beneficial qigong exercises that I have ever learnt is the Daoist Kunlun Swimming Dragon Qigong form (You Long Gong Shi). This particular Daoist holistic exercises imitates the movements of a dragon as it swims through the water and air, it actions involves twisting, turning and coiling of the whole body, it has both passive and vigorous movements alongside dynamic stretching of the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles to develop a supple and relaxed body.

What I really like about this particular Daoist qigong exercise is that it is a well balanced form that was designed to not just develop whole body flexibility using strong stretches.  But it also works and stimulates the individuals cardiovascular system developing their fitness and stamina by working the heart and lungs. Another aspect of the Swimming Dragon Qigong exercise is that it also incorporates fixed position exercises alongside walking qigong methods that improve each individuals balance, coordination and concentration.

In China the practice of qigong is looked at as a preventive form of exercise to help fight off diseases by maintaining a strong, smooth circulation of the blood and qi throughout the whole body. It must be regularly practiced on a day to day basis to help maintain the strength of the individuals vitality and to develop their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength to go about their lives in good health and wellbeing.  Because our lives can at times become very stressful due to our work environment,family commitments, our diet and social life. Which causes our energy levels to  drop which can weaken our immune system and leave us open to various ailments that can effect our physical, emotional and mental health.

I strongly believe that taking up the practice of Swimming Dragon Qigong is properly the best thing any individual can do for themselves. We will all get older and suffer with many ailments that old age brings with it and we will need some kind of exercise that will allow our body and mind to maintain its strength. So that the quality of our lives is not totally affected by old age, with regular qigong practice you will feel rejuvenated and  healthy. As Lao Zi mentions in the chapter 76 of the Dao De Jing ( Book of the Way and Virtue).

“The Hard and Stiff with Fail, But the Soft and Supple will Prevail”

Through the practice of Swimming Dragon Qigong each individual will be able to maintain a soft and supple body,a relaxed and calm mind into their old age maintaining their health and wellbeing.


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