Taiji Qigong ” Moving for better Balance”

Today there are many individuals who suffer with the ability to maintain their balance. Usually they are the much older individual who through lack of exercise looses their leg strength and flexibility within their joints, which means that they can no longer support their own body weight by standing on one leg which greatly limits their range of mobility. In the elderly it is falling over that causes the great amount deaths, as they can be very traumatised from the shock and pain of falling over and possibly breaking their pelvis, leg or even hitting their head.

Today this ailment of falling over is called ” Falls Syndrome” and obviously effects the very old who have become very weak on their legs and have lost their confidence to move around. Through the gentle practice of Taiji Qigong each individual can learn easy to perform exercises that will develop each individuals balance, coordination and concentration. Part of learning to balance is learning how to relax the muscles, tendons and joints. Plus developing their flexibility within the joints of their body so that their range of mobility increases through gentle, repetitive exercise.

Another health ailment that can also be greatly effected by taking a fall. Is those individuals who suffer with Osteoporosis weakness in the density of the bones. Obviously taking a heavy fall is the worst thing that could happen to a Osteoporosis suffer. Another aspect to this disease is that anyone of any age can be affected with the Osteoporosis disease, so practicing Taiji Qigong exercises would again greatly benefit the individual who suffers with this particular disease. 

Another benefit of practicing the Taiji Qigong exercises is that it also helps  each individual to relax and sooth their nervous system, helping each individual to combat the build up of stress, anxiety, frustration and tension within themselves that comes from being afraid of falling over. Through the learning of Taiji Qigong each individual will be able to  regain their confidence and their ability to move their body with a better sense of balance.


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