LFIAA Energy Bodywork Massage “Pressing Points”Within 

Within the LFIAA Energy Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong) system there are many techniques that can be used to either tonify or disperse the flow of energy (Qi) through the meridians and channels (Mai Jing). One particular method is the ” Pressing of the Qi Points” (Dian Xue) this can be done using a single finger, sword fingers, the cranes beak( fingers gathered together) the centre of the palm, the little finger edge of the palm. The aim is not just to be able to press the points, but you must be able to connect to the patients own energy and then be able to travel the patients meridian system by guiding their energy up or down the meridian or channel.

Many other systems use ” Pressing the Points” techniques and they use their elbows, knuckles  and some times knees. Using the more Boney areas to press into the energy points might give you greater strength and depth in your pressing, but it does not allow you to become sensitive to the movement of your patients energy and to connect to it. Using such techniques like the elbow are only used in our system to press into the muscles to release muscle tension, increase the blood flow by breaking up any blood stasis. That has accumulated.

Within the LFIAA Energy Bodywork Massage system there are other techniques that can be added to the “Pressing Points” methods like using a single finger, sword fingers or the whole of the Palm to rub vigorously over an energy point ( Qixue)  to stimulate the energy flow along the meridian. Another technique to use is the ” Vibration”  method ( Chan Fa) which can involve a single finger, sword fingers or the centre of the palms to gently vibrate waves of energy into the energy point that will then travel along the meridians to tonify or disperse blocked energy.

Pressing Points techniques are naturally used by a practitioner of the Energy Bodywork Massage usually in every treatment session that they perform. Obviously what energy points are pressed all goes accordingly to the particular ailment that they are treating their patient for. Some times two or more energy points can be used within a single treatment session. When you combine Acupuncture with the use of needles into your bodywork massage treatment can give you a greater scope of healing for example you could have a needle placed into the Gall Bladder 30 Points ( Huantiao) located on the outside of the hips, while you are standing by your patients head with your both hands placed on your patients shoulders and you use your both palms to do the vibration technique sending waves of energy down his  or her back towards your needles to help them stimulate the flow of energy down the Gall Bladder Meridian towards the feet to treat such ailments like sciatica.


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