LFIAA Energy Bodywork Massage ” Qi Cultivation”

Today the popularity of the Chinese massage system known as “Tui Na” but is also known by several other names like “An Mo” or ” Dian Xue”is now being practiced by more and more individuals within the UK. One of the main reasons for the growth of ” Tui Na” is that many teachers only cover and teach the more physical techniques to treat many external musculoskeletal illnesses and do not teach their students how to practice the self cultivation of energy (Qi) to use it to treat many types of internal illnesses.

Many practitioners of the Chinese healing system of ” Tui Na” are mainly taught techniques that work the muscles to produce more blood flow and little energy  movement. Some will even press into the energy points (Qixue) along certain acupuncture channels and meridians to either tonify or disperse the flow of energy within the channel or meridian. But without the self practice of cultivating the vital energy (Qi) through the study of “Guiding & Leading” (Daoyin) exercises, many practitioners will not have developed their own ability to become more  sensitifve to the feeling  of the movement of energy (Qi) both within themselves and especially within their patients.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of “Tui Na” bodywork massage was not just developed to simply work on the musculoskeletal system. It was developed to work and effect the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of each individual to help treat and bring their health and wellbeing back into balance. Sadly more individuals who practice “Tui Na” massage get caught up in the learning of techniques to just work on the physical aspects of a patient, rather than placing their time in the cultivation of the vital energy (Qi) to treat the patient more holistically.

Luckily I have had and met some good teachers who have educated me that correct “Tui Na” massage includes the cultivation of energy (Qi), so that I can connect to the patients own energy and guide and lead their own energy anywhere within their body to treat many diseases. If you do not practice Daoyin exercises yourself, then how will you be able to connect and sense the movement of energy (Qi) within your patients body. Sadly this is were a lot of individuals are in the practice of ” Tui Na” massage, to many practice technique and no self cultivation of the vital energy (Qi).


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