Bagua Circle Walking Qigong

One of the most powerful qigong practices that I regularly train is the Bagua Circle Walking Qigong. It can be practiced within a small confined area, making the size of the circle to fit the area you can train in, sometimes it can be a small circle and other times a big circle. For the maintenance of good health and wellbeing Bagua Circle Walking Qigong is excellent at strengthening the musculoskeletal system, improving muscle, tendon, ligament and joint flexibility, strengthens the connections between the mind & body and promotes strong blood and energy circulation throughout the entire body.

The aim of the Bagua Circle Walking Qigong exercise is to walk as many laps of the circle as you can. But you must be fully engaged at all times. What does fully engaged mean? Well your posture must be sunk down from the knees, so that you have dropped your centre of gravity and you can feel the the weight of your body on your both legs. Your torso is turned towards the centre of the circle so that you feel your ribcage squeeze as your back muscles stretch. Your both arms are held infront and away from the body holding a variety of postures. The accompanying photo that is attached with this blog sees Laoshi Keith Ewers holding the ” Green Dragon Turns Its Body Posture” (Lu Long Zhuan Shen Shi). Once you have chosen a posture to walk the circle, you then walk as many laps as you can holding the posture. You can walk slowly if you want to cultivate the energy ( Qi) as walking slowly develops strong concentration.whereas, you can walk the circle more quickly and this will work the blood flow, as the heart rate beats faster more blood is being pumped around the whole body.

After you have done a certain amount of circles in one direction you must then change direction and do the same amount of circles in the opposite direction. Walking loads of circles in both directions, while holding various shapes or posture with your arms develops strong energy cultivation and circulation, which can help to remove any blood stasis and energy blockages that may have accumulated causing yourself to feel sluggish with low energy levels or even make you feel ill.

When it is time to finish your circle walking practice you must not stop your practice to suddenly. You must slowly slow yourself down gradually until you can stop, once you have stopped your over-al movement do a daoyin exercise to lower any energy that may be still trapped in the upper body and then simply walk around in a circle casually and then stand still with your both hands covering your lower dantian and allow your energy to store and replenish. The Bagua Circle Walking Qigong exercise is suitable for everyone, irrespective of age, gender or ability you can practice it in-doors or out-doors you can practice it on your own or with several training partners at the same time.


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