LFIAA Dao Yoga System

The LFIAA “Opening the Energy Gates” (Kai Men) Dao Yoga system that was taught to me by Master Chee Soo involves lying, sitting and standing exercise that work on the promotion of the circulation of the blood (Xue) and energy (qi) throughout the entire body, plus it also works on the musculoskeletal system in stretching the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles to increase flexibility and relaxation in within the practitioner.

My teacher Master Chee Soo would mention that practicing the Dao Yoga system would benefit all of the other systems that he taught like Taijiquan,  Feng Shou-Gongfu. Because of its dynamic stretching actions that stretch the musculoskeletal system, the stretching also increases the flow of energy (qi) through the  muscle/tendon channels (JingJin), plus it increases the flexibility for the Gongfu practitioner to move quickly and increase their range of mobility to kick higher and strike from various angles.

As for the purpose of the Energy Bodywork Massage system, practicing Dao Yoga will improve posture, and cultivate strong energy  through its ” Guiding & Leading” (Daoyin) movements, promoting a good flow of energy into the palms to help with the healing process. The Dao Yoga system is suitable for everyone, any age or gender, in my experience the much older practitioners find it difficult to practice the floor exercises, so they simply practice the standing exercise which are very beneficial for them. For the much younger practitioners they can chose to practice floor or standing exercise.

In the accompanying picture that is attached with this blog, Laoshi Keith Ewers is seen practicing the Dao Yoga standing exercise known as the “Leg Triangle exercise” this particular exercise stretches the muscles of Occiito-fronalis in the head, the Longissimus (erector spinal) in the back, the Bicep femoris (hamstrings) of the thighs. But this exercises also stretches the Leg Taiyang Bladder Channel that runs from the head along the length of the back and behind the back of the legs.


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