The Relationship between Qigong & Massage

Within the Energy Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong) that is practiced and taught by the LFIAA there is a wide variety of massage techniques that are used to manipulate the patients own energy around their body to help treat them for both internal and external diseases. The same techniques that a practitioner might use in the practice and treatment of Energy Bodywork Massage can also be found within the practice of Qigong for the cultivation of energy.

For example in the Energy Bodywork Massage we have such techniques such as pushing, pressing, grasping and vibrating  etc. these same techniques are also found in certain Qigong exercises and forms. By practicing a Qigong style that also incorporates the same actions or techniques that are used within the Energy Bodywork Massage is really beneficial for the practitioner, as it allows the Practitioner to have a better familiarity, feel and connection  with various techniques because of the particular style of Qigong he or she practices and the relationship to the Energy Bodywork Massage.

Obviously, if you intend to learn and practice any type of massage system that works and involves the manipulation of an individual’s energy by working on the meridians,channels (Jing Mai) or the energy points (Qixue). Then it is important that the Qigong style you are practicing is also closely related to your massage system,  for example it should help in developing good posture for continuous energy flow throughout the whole body and especially into the both hands, plus to help the practitioner in developing their own energy strength for their own health and wellbeing. But more importantly  the Qigong movements that you practice should also involve the same techniques that you will be using in your massage treatments, basically this means that even thou you are giving a patient a massage treatment you are also have a Qigong workout yourself because of the connection between your Qigong practice and Energy Bodywork Massage are and should be closely related to each other.



2 thoughts on “The Relationship between Qigong & Massage

  1. justin says:

    Hi laoshi , I’m sorry that I come across cock sure . I’m sorry . I just wanted to learn all of the combat arts of Chee Soo , I’m 45 probably past it in body , and mind , my eagerness to be excepted by a teacher has left me running around like a headless chicken , my finances don’t permit full time study , my illness allows for training in the rite setting , my housing is not within distance of a club . My son has lived with me since he was eight , he’s naw 20 and a mechanic apprentice , I would be able to turn my life around were I to have a teaher ! I have alot of Good to offer the rite teacher . Can u advise me please , justin

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