Master Chee Soo’s  Energy Issuing ( Wai Qi)

Since and before Master Chee Soo’s death many individuals have been fascinated by his many demonstrations of issuing energy ( Wai qi). I myself alongside many others of his many students have participated in Master Chee Soo,s demonstrations and I can  only talk about my own experiences of being involved with these energy issuing exercises, and I can honestly say that on my part I never intentionally helped Master Chee Soo by deliberately being told to move in a certain direction. On the many occasions that I was used to participate in his issuing of energy did he ever tell me what was going to actually happen, sometimes it would be a group demonstration or I would be standing on my own.

On one occasions I was participating on my own and was told to stand in the middle of the hall, while Master Chee Soo went outside opposite  the wall that I was told to face. After a short while I could feel myself being gently pushed backwards, forcing me to take a step backwards. I was then told to re-position myself back into a good aligned posture and again after a few seconds could feel myself being pulled forwards and not backwards. All of this time Master Chee Soo held a stance with his arm raised with his palm pointing directly at me on the opposite side of the wall that I was facing. Just to add more to this particular demonstration some of the students who attended this particular Tai Chi course told me he was actually pointing to them the direction he was going to guide me towards.

The question is how was Master Chee Soo able to cultivate and project such strong external energy. He once told me that I should practice my Tai Chi, Daoyin & Dao Yoga exercises regularly alongside regular meditation practice of no longer than 10 minutes in duration as he believed that any longer and the concentration gets weaker. He felt shorter periods of meditative practice but on a day to day basis was the correct way to develop strong mind intent (Yi) and strong energy (qi) cultivation. During the  many  Tai Chi classes or courses  that he would hold he would always have his students participate in what he would call Daoist Wand exercises, which where basic energy sensitivity exercises, which could be performed by yourself to test your own sensitivity and energy (qi) strength or he would have you partner off and have both of you to take it in turn to receive each other’s energy issuing to judge how strong your own development of energy issuing was becoming. Obviously it was down to how often you practice cultivating your own energy (qi), plus how good your posture was and especially your mental focus (Yi) intent. 

To become successful with these energy issuing exercises (Wai Qi)  all comes down to regular practice of cultivating  and circulating your own internal energy on a day to day basis. Loads of students attempt these energy exercises and get frustrated with them because they cannot feel or do these exercises correctly. This is mainly down to lack of regular practice on their side. Simply practicing your Tai Chi once a week in your local class is no where near to the level of practice that you need to fully strengthen your concentration, posture and energy to achieve success in the energy issuing exercises (Wai Qi) as taught and performed by Master Chee Soo.


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