Feng Shou-Gongfu Foot Flow Patterns

All those who have trained under Master Chee Soo himself or under any of his instructors in the Li family martial art of Feng Shou-Gongfu are all familiar with the term ” Foot Flow Patterns” this was Master Chee Soo’s speak for Kicking techniques. Within the Feng Shou-Gongfu as taught by the Late Master Chee Soo the foot flow patterns where and still are taught by a numbering system with over 140 kicking techniques being taught, today some practitioners use less or more of these foot flow patterns.

It still amazes me that after so many years of studying  Feng Shou-Gongfu that certain practitioners teaching and practicing the many foot flow patterns within Feng Shou-Gongfu still do not combine defensive or offensive hand techniques with their foot flow patterns. To this day I still see teachers and students practicing their foot flow patterns with their hands down by the sides of their body, with no thought of defending or adding attacking hand techniques alongside their foot flow patterns.

Above are some LFIAA students practicing the Feng Shou-Gongfu foot flow patterns using both defensive and offensive hand techniques in combination. This is the way that the foot flow patterns should be practiced  with the intent of martial art usage and not just simply exercise. Those who are practicing their foot flow patterns with their hands hanging down by the sides of their body are simply using these many foot flow patterns as an exercise for developing fitness, balance etc. but they are not using them correctly as a martial art. The ultimate aim of learning how to perform kicking techniques is to use them to defend yourself and for these particular kicks to work in harmony with your hand techniques to either flow into wrestling or throwing techniques.
Combining defensive or offensive hand techniques alongside your foot patterns allows the practitioner of Feng Shou-Gongfu to disguise his or her kick giving themselves a greater chance of landing their kicks on their assailant. Plus once you have landed your kick you then immediately follow up with good striking techniques to finish the situation. Learning to add hand techniques alongside the practice of the foot flow patterns also develops the individuals co-ordination and concentration levels.

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