Feng Shou-Gongfu’s Fast Throws

All Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts involve striking, kicking, wrestling and throwing techniques. The Lishi internal martial art of Feng Shou-Gongfu as taught by Master Chee Soo also covers various throwing techniques that can be used against strikes, punches, kicks and wrestling holds. The Chinese have looked at the use of fast throwing ( Kuai Jiao) as finishing techniques, as usually when an opponent is thrown to the ground, it is upon hard,, solid ground and not a 40mm training mat. And because of the hard ground it is usually that and the combination of the force and angle of the throw that ends up finishing the opponent off as he or she is unable to continue the assault because of a dislocated hip or shoulder etc.

Within the practice of Feng Shou Kuai Jiao or ” Hand of the Wind Fast Throws”  we do not allow the opponent to break fall or roll out of a particular throwing technique and escape its force. We are taught to twist and rotate the opponent into an awkward angle  or position making it impossible for him or her to escape the  full force of the throw.  In Feng Shou- Gongfu the fast throwing ( Kuai Jiao) techniques can be used either defensively or offensively to throw your opponent in six directions.

Defensively fast throws can be used against strikes, punches, kicks and various wrestling holds. The aim is to use your opponents own strength, balance and aggression against themselves. Obviously the practitioner must also have good tactile manipulative skill and fast agile footwork  to quickly apply fast and practical throws. Offensively to use any fast throwing technique has to be hidden by the use of your striking and kicking techniques. To simply attack a good and skilled opponent with a throw is a very dangerous thing to do. You must create the opportunity  th use fast throwing techniques by hitting your opponent with your strikes and kicks to off balance him or her and to distract  them  so that you can then use a fast throwing technique that hopefully finishes the conflict.

Over my many years of studying and teaching the Lishi Feng Shou-Gongfu it has always amazed me how many individuals do not like to learn the fast throwing techniques ( Kuai Jiao Fa).  I have seen many a black sash grade  and student back away from practicing fast throwing techniques,  I believe that everyone who practices the Feng Shou-Gongfu learns at lest a few fast throwing techniques to help them round their internal martial art off. 


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