Martial Arts Integrity (Wu De)

All traditional martial art schools and styles each have their own guidelines to teach their students correct integrity towards each other within the class training environment and to others outside it as well. My many teachers of the Chinese internal martial arts and health arts would also mention that I should be respectful to everyone and accept people for who they are until I could fully understand their personality.

In the martial arts it is very important that every student fully understands the guiding principles of there chosen martial art and for everyone to follow them. Because in our classes we get to meet people from all walks of life and some of these individuals can have  some negative attitudes  like being aggressive,  egotism,  sly and nasty. It is important that these particular individuals are quickly delt with before anyone gets hurt, as one thing we need to develop in the practice of martial arts is trust and respect for each other, without trust you could easily end up being hurt and without respect there is no compassion shown to each other.

Good training in our Chinese internal martial arts breeds correct behaviour in the students by setting down a list of rules that each student must obey. These rules are there to teach each student correct integrity towards each other, there family and friends, plus strangers. It is important that a martial arts master can fully trust  his students for he is passing on information to them that if it was placed into the wrong hands or individual could seriously hurt someone just to show off and feed their ego or even try to attack there teacher. Other bad behaviours like swearing, racism or being rude to female students are not welcome in our martial arts as they all breed resentment and bad feeling which can easily escalate to violence or law suits.

In the LFIAA classes all students are asked to show respect, trustworthiness, honesty, courage,  humility, patients, kindness and  benevolence towards each other. The total aim of studying the daoist arts as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers is to turn individuals in better human beings who enjoy and protect life and try to maintain a good harmony with everyone. As my teacher Master Chee Soo would always mention that the more aggressive, argumentative and egoistical individual would not last long within the arts that he taught, as  they were moving closer towards  

 the entrance as the “Dao” was pushing them out.

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