The Li Family’s Healing System

There are many individuals who over the many years have studied under the late Master Chee Soo in various aspects of his family system. Many of these individuals studied either the Li style Taijiquan or Feng Shou-Kung Fu. But not many actually studied the healing arts ( Lishi Yi Shu) under Master Chee Soo and many are still unaware that his family system contained these so called healing arts.

As part of the Li family’s healing arts Master Chee Soo taught  Traditional Chinese Bodywork Massage which is also known as either Anmo or Tuina massage, he also taught herbal therapy,  plus energy healing and sound healing alongside the Guiding & Leading exercises of (Daoyin/Qigong) Each of these particular healing arts can be used to strengthen, purge or regulate each individual’s energy  channels and meridians to fight against  pathogenic illnesses or ailments.

The key to learning and becoming a good practitioner within the Lishi healing arts is through regular Daoyin/ Qigong  practice to be able to increase your energy cultivation and circulation into your hands so that you can better connect, sense and direct your patients own energy to improve or maintain their health and wellbeing. The Chinese energy bodywork massage system involves various manipulate hand techniques that can be used on the energy channels, musclularsketeal system or directly on the internal organs.  Energy healing uses various hand shapes to tonify, sedate or regulate the energy  within your paitent, whereas Sound healing uses the hands to be placed on the patients body at two points of an  energy meridian or channel and through the use of various sounds and tones you can vibrate energy  through your hands to disperse either blood or energy stasis and  cysts to improve circulation and over-Al health of the individual.

The Li family’s healing arts ( Lishi Yi Shu) are still being taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers technical director of the LFIAA and a senior student of the late Master Chee Soo. The LFIAA hold regular workshops, courses and seminars for those certain individuals who are interested in learning the healing arts of the Li family system. 


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