Feng Shou-Gongfu “Adapting to a Situation”

All martial arts teach and encourage their practitioners to practice many fighting techniques that can range from striking, kicking, wrestling and throwing methods, plus weapon training in various types of weapons from long to short weapons to flexible etc. But there is no single fighting technique or weapon that can be used to defend against every type of attack, if there was then there would  not be so many martial art systems  in existence, there would only be one.

In the Chinese internal martial art of Feng Shou-Gongfu the reason why we cover various striking, kicking, joint locking and throwing techniques is that our particular martial art as to adapt to the actual situation that is confronting us. There is no one single technique or lock that will work against everyone, hence why we are taught to change and adapt our fighting techniques to the size, speed, height and amount of individuals attacking us. For example it’s no good deciding to take one opponent to the floor in a wrestling technique when you are defending yourself from more than one attacker.

Just because we learn a vast amount of joint locking techniques ( qinna)  in Feng Shou-Gongfu does not mean that they will work against everyone. You have to learn fighting strategy  to go alongside the learning of your Feng Shou-Gongfu fighting techniques and learn how to use the correct technique for the situation. This particular theory of fighting comes straight out of the ancient Chinese book  known as the “Yijing” or the Book of Changes. Which states that everything around us is in a constant change of fluxation and we have to learn how to change and adapt and maintain our equilibrium, this philosophy should also be applied in our fighting strategy which makes us unpredictable  and flexible for any opponent to confront us as we are constantly changing and adapting to over-come any situation.

Against a bigger opponent we would use fast evasive and attacking footwork alongside striking and kicking techniques. Against a smaller thinner opponent we would use joint locking and throwing techniques. Against a taller opponent attack his lower limbs and groin, against a shorter opponent attack his upper body and head. This is how we are taught to use fighting strategy in Feng Shou-Gongfu adapting and changing your fighting techniques to the situation at hand. 


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