The Coiling & Twisting of the Water Dragon Qigong

The Traditional Chinese Daoist Kunlun Swimming Dragon Qigong form obviously gets its name from the coiling, twisting and rotating actions of the mystical dragon. As an holistic exercise the Swimming Dragon Qigong mainly works on developing a soft, relaxed and supple spinal column and back muscles, releasing stuck or trapped tension within the muscles and removing any stiffness found within the spinal column, improving the flow of blood and energy to circulate smoothly.

Through the actions of the Swimming Dragon Qigong the spinal column goes through a various amount of twisting,  wavering  and traction of the spine which greatly improves its flexibility and corrects any mis-alignment from either poor posture or injury. Many individuals suffer with various back problems, but through the regular practice of the Swimming Dragon Qigong form both acute and chronic back problems can receive the benefits that this particular qigong exercise has to offer.

Because the Swimming Dragon Qigong works mainly on improving and maintaining a healthy back and spine. It also works on the Kidneys and the adrenal glands which are located slightly just above the Kidneys. In traditional Chinese medicine the Kidneys are the seat of our vitality,plus they control the water content of the body helping to flush toxins out which can allow turbid ( Zhoa qi)  energy to build up and have a negative affect on our health. In China there is a saying ” That each individual is has old as his or her back” for those of you who have ever suffered with a bad back caused by  either muscle tension or a pulled muscle or sciatica then you know what it feels like. You are unable to freely move around, making you feel limited, depressed and old. Unlike a healthy back where you can move around freely with plenty of energy giving you this young and youthful feeling. This is what the practice of Swimming Dragon Qigong  will and can do for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. It allows everyone to live a healthy life full of vitality and relaxation. 



Good Health Starts With You

In today’s modern world  with the care of people’s health and well-being more often in the news than not. The practiice  of Tai Chi or Qigong  for the maintenance of general health are just as important now than when they were first created. Because our world is a lot more faster and chaotic many individuals suffer from stress related ailments like chronic fatigue, depression and migraines all of which can greatly effect our health and can easily be  prevented and controlled through the regular practice of gentle Tai Chi and Qigong.

Another aspect to the modern world is many individuals do not take part in any type of exercise,which again can lead to many types of common ailments like hypertension, poor blood circulation, arthritis and obesity which is becoming more and more common through the lack of exercise and the over consumption of  food.

Through the practice of Tai Chi or Qigong which can be practiced both outdoors or indoors in the comfort of your own home. You can learn to relax both the mind and body releasing the build up of tension,stress and anxiety that can cause many individuals to live a life of misery. Tai Chi and Qigong exercise can also develop each individuals energy levels raising their vitality, boosting their immune system, improving their over-al flexibility releasing both muscle tension and joint stiffness. Which can greatly improve and strengthen each persons blood flow throughout their entire body, balancing the blood pressure  and increasing their range of movement.

Because of its gentle movements Tai Chi and Qigong can be performed both by the young and old alike, plus it can be continued all the way up to your old age  allowing everyone to maintain their own  

 balance, co-ordination and concentration giving each individual their own independence even in old age. Looking after your health is your own respoceabilty and there are many individuals who are lazy and could easily change their own lifestyle and health and well- being in a more positive and beneficial way by taking up the practice of Tai Chi or Qigong.

Patting The Qi Energy Pathways

The practice of the Yin & Yang Patting Qigong exercises can be used to strengthen and maintain health and well-being. One particular method of practice is to cleanse and dredge the energy pathways of the Yin & Yang channels and meridians of the whole body to help remove both blood and energy stasis which can cause illness within the body.

When practicing the Yin & Yang Patting Qigong the use of the fingers, palms and closed fist can be used to perform the exercise. Obviously on the smaller surfaces areas of the body such as the face and neck you would use the fingers to gently tap the qi channels  ( qi mai) and qi points ( qi xue) of the face and neck to either disperse or tonify the energy flow. Whereas on the larger surfaces of the body such as the torso, arms and legs you would use the palms and fist.

The ultimate aim of practicing the Yin & Yang Patting Qigong is to guide and lead (Daoyin) the energy through the skill of your patting techniques. It is not just about using a certain hand shape to just pat the body, you must have method and understanding within your techniques and practice. For example in the use of a closed fist technique to pat the body, If you use a loose fist, this can be used to tonify the energy flow and increase the stimulation of energy through the Yin & Yang channels and meridians. Whereas, if you use a tight closed fist to pat the body, then this would disperse the energy within the Yin & Yang channels and meridians, helping to remove any blockages that may have occurred due to injury or illness.

Yin & Yang  Patting Qigong can be used to release stagnant energy in the energy channels that may have a negative affect on the emotions causing the individual to feel either depressed, angry or even sad. By learning to use the Yin & Yang Patting Qigong you can release the negative emotional energy  that as built up and help bring the body back into balance allowing the individual to become more relaxed and calm.