Taijiquan for Health & Well-Being

The popularity of Taijiquan exercise has grown widely across the world. It is now supposedly the most popular form of exercise for health and well-being practiced by both young and old alike. There is not a town or city that does not have a Taijiquan class for the elderly it is now slowly becoming regularly practiced in hospitals and is offered to some as a preventive medicine.

The name Taijiquan actually means “the Supreme Ultimate Boxing Art” and was formerly created as a Chinese internal martial art that was based upon using the opponents strength,balance and aggression against themselves. But gradually its health related benefits grew more popular over the last 100 years and it’s has now become more recognised as a health and well- being exercise alongside the practice of yoga.

As a form of exercise for the elderly there no better exercise to take up other than Taijiquan, as it greatly strengthens there ability to balance and co-ordinate. But more importantly it also strengthens their concentration for which weakens as we all get older. Health-wise regular practice of Taijiquan allows the individual to relax the tension and stiffness within their muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints improving the circulation of blood and energy (qi) throughout their entire body. Because of the slowness  and smoothness of Taijiquan movements it is not harsh on each individual’s body which allows everyone to be able to practice it and receive its benefits towards managing or controlling various ailments like Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, etc.

By no means is the practice of Taijiquan an easy exercise to master. There are many who are only interested in learning Taijiquan to just simply relax. This is properly the easiest level of Taijiquan practice, the more intermediate level is to practice and improve your Taijiquan skill towards strengthening your over-Al health and well-being. The more advanced levels are towards the practice of cultivating the internal energy ( qi) and ( jing) for the purpose of self defence and longevity. 


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