Taijiquan Challenge your skill

Over the many years that I have now been practicing and teaching Taijiquan I still see thousands of individuals failing to develop  a quality Taijiquanpractice within their forms. To many individuals are happy to learn a sequence of  Taijiquan movements and just move from one posture to another without any thought of maintaining accuracy and skill within their actions.

For example many think that Taijiquan is mainly about learning to relax. So their movements are not precise, rather than keeping their hands in front of their body, they simply allow the non-primary hand to move behind themselves unaware that they are doing it. Another example is that they only concentrate on the primary hand that is usually in front of themselves, while the secondary hand goes limb, causing them to become paraplegic on one side of their body. Rather than concentrating on maintaining an equal amount of  energy and intention in the quality movement of both hands.

To many individuals are failing to take up the challenge of achieving a high quality Taijiquan practice and receive the many benefits that regular Taijiquan practice has to offer themselves in combating various ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension, falls syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression and much, much more. Or to simply be able to maintain the ability to be fully active as you get older, maintaining your general fitness, stamina and flexibility so that you have quality of life and independence.

Obviously to achieve a higher standard of Taijiquan practice means that the individual must also be willing to put the time and effort in to practicing on their own in their own time. This is the only way you will greatly improve your skill in the practice of Taijiquan. Why not take up the challenge and become the one who stands out from the rest of your class and raise your standard. 


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