Taijiquan Feeling the Qi

Has the popularity of the Chinese mind, body & spirit exercise of Taijiquan grows strongly from one year to the next, with thousands of individuals practicing it for relaxation,health and well-being reasons. Sadly the understanding of the cultivation and circulation of the internal energy through the whole body using the  correct internally energetic alignments  and correct physical alignments  of Taijiquan are  slowly being lost. As more  and more people are only interested in practicing Taijiquan for the benefit of improving their relaxation.

Sadly there are loads of teachers who  do not even mention or talk about the internal energy (qi) within the practice of Taijiquan. There are even those who talk about the internal energy, but cannot even tell their students what they should be feeling when they practice. There are some teachers of Taijiquan who cannot even feel their own energy (with).

One of my teachers would always mention that in the practice of Taijiquan or qigong you cannot smell your qi, you cannot hear your qi, you cannot even see your qi, but you can feel it. As practice more on a regular basis in your spare time and your understanding and skill improves within your practice and studying of Taijiquan you will gradually begin to experience certain sensations of energy movement within your own body.

These particular feelings of energy movement (de qi) can range from a feeling of warmth, tingling, a feeling of fullness or heaviness within the limbs. One might even feel movement, where the energy raises or sinks or even moves to the front or back of the body. The circulation of energy can move through the energy pathways of the meridians and channels (jing luo), or it can move through the nervous system which can cause a feeling of a slight shake within the hands. The stronger the trembling or shaking feeling the more the energy (qi) is blocked.


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