Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage.

Within the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage there are a numerous amount of manipulative techniques which can be used anywhere on the body to treat many kind of chronic and acute illnesses. Once you begin to treat a particular patient you must obviously place the patient first with their illness, then you decide what techniques are suited best to treat the illness with a certain plan or protocol that you stick with.

When you chose  your bodywork massage techniques you must first look at what technique you wish to start with. Usually it’s a light combing technique to relax the patient which at the same time allows you to diagnos your patient through your touch feeling for areas of coldness, hardness etc on the patients body.  

Once you have began your treatment you must then increase the intensity of your treatment by using a more powerful technique which can involve the use of using one  or more of your manipulative methods to open, close, disperse or even exit the qi from the area of the patient body that you are working on, plus you must increase the blood circulation by removing any blood or energy stasis that could be the cause of the illness.

After a long period of intense massage which could involve a few of your bodywork massage techniques. You must then begin to finish your treatment and how you finish is just as important as the start and middle parts of your treatment. Finishing your treatment using the correct bodywork massage technique is vitally important in allowing your patient to fully benefit from your bodywork. Leaving your patient tense and cold is not a really good way to finish, what you must aim for is to leave your patient feeling warm, tingling and fully relaxed this will allow your treatment to nourish the patients body bringing strength and upright energy (Zheng Qi) to the area of your bodywork treatment.

Every practitioner of the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage will learn how to have a beginning, a middle and a finishing  procedure to their treatment plan. Choosing what particular energy bodywork  massage technique is the best to start with and then which  

 ones to use in the middle part of the treatment, which is properly the most important area as you are directly working on the area that needs healing and then you must pick the technique to finish your treatment leaving your patient fully relaxed.

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