Yangshi Taijiquan “Maintaining the Root”

The Yang style Taijiquan is properly the most popular with thousands of individuals enjoying its practice and its benefits towards strengthening the Mind & Body towards good health and well-being. The Yang style uses larger movements than most other styles making it more easier to learn, but the larger actions also gently stretch and open the joints, tendons and ligaments releasing tension and stiffness, improving relaxation and blood and qi circulation.

Another benefit of practicing the Yang style Taijiquan is that it allows each individual to release stress, tension, anxiety and the lowering of the blood pressure. This is done by teaching individuals to allow their shoulders and elbows to point and sink downwards, releasing tension in the upper back and chest to also sink downwards. This will give the individual a feeling of their legs becoming more heavier as there upper body becomes more relaed and releases its tension downwards towards the ground.

The lowering of the upper bodies tension to sink downwards by learning to relax the shoulders, elbows and rib cage also lowers our centre of gravity giving us a better and stronger connection with the earth beneath our feet. This benefits our stability and balance, plus due to a much more stronger connection with the ground will allow us to generate more strength in our soft flowing Yang style Taijiquan movements. It is said in the practice of Taijiquan in general that the “Legs carry the body, the waist guides the hands and the eyes follow the hands”

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