Dispersing the Qi Techniques.

In the practice of the Daoist Kunlun Qigong forms which all combine both passive and vigorous movements to help in maintaining a smooth flow of energy and blood throughout the whole body. Hidden within the forms are powerful techniques to allow practitioners to disperse the sickly negative energy out of our physical, emotional, energetic and mental qualitys.

Physically the methods of learning to disperse sickly energy (Bing Qi) is through various techniques like flicking ( Tan Fa), shaking ( Yao Fa), patting ( Pai Fa) and vibrating techniques (Zhen Fa) using the upper and lower limbs or the whole body to disperse the qi. Obviously it is important that the entire body remains relaxed and loose ( Song) in its actions to rid the various levels of ourself from negative and turbid energy ( Zhao Qi).

On a physical level to disperse negativity is to release muscle tension and joint stiffness,which will allow us to become more relaxed and increase blood and energy circulation,boosting out energy levels. Emotionally learning to disperse sickly energy out through the practice of Kunlun Qigong is to positively alter the energy within our internal organs. Which in traditional Chinese medicine is said to control our emotions and through the various dispersing techniques learn how to release anxiety, sadness, anger or fear and help bring our emotions back into a stronger state of balance.

Energetically through the dispersing actions of the Kunlun Qigong we learn how to cleanse or dredge our energy pathways ( Qi Mai) clear of any stagnant qi which may have accumulated within out energy channels, plus boost our defensive energy ( Wei Qi) to hinder any external pathogens attacking our body. Mentally through the dispersing techniques we can learn to release frustration,depression and tension which is caused by blood and energy stasis within the cranial cavity.

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