Cleansing the Mind & Body through Qigong Practice.

Due to the choice of lifestyle that many of us choose to live we may begin to accumulate negative, sickly energy  (Bing Qi)  that can make us feel ill over a long period of time. This could be caused by bad eating habits, lack of correct exercise, poor working conditions or the environment that we live in as bad air pollution which can all cause the mind & body to build up a lot of stress, toxins and sickly energy which can effect the emotional state of each individual.

Through the practice of the Daoist Kunlun Qigong exercises each individual can learn to release the stresses and negative energies that have built up in the body and mind. This is achieved through dynamic stretching of the joints, tendons and ligaments which will allow the clear energy ( Zheng Qi) to penetrate into the spaces of the body caused by the opening of the bodies joints and tendons to flush away the turbid blood and energy stasis  ( Zhao Qi) that as accumulated. This accumulation of poor blood and energy stasis can have a negative affect on the individuals emotions making them feel depressed, sad and even angry at their friends, family and work collgues.

Within the Daoist Kunlun Qigong there are also actions that  allow the practitioner to disperse the sickly energy out of th energy pathways by dredging them clean. This is achieved through flicking, shaking and vibrating actions of the whole body in co-ordination with the breathing and concentration. The actions of dispersing the sickly energy ( Bing Qi)  will help the body and mind to relaxe,improve the clear energy to rise and the turbid energy to sink and increase energy levels and the circulation to greatly improve.

Obviously, the practice of the Daoist Kunlun Qigong must be maintained on a regular basis  if possible everyday. It can be practiced within a small confined area  within your house or you can practice outside and draw in the energy from your surrounding environment as long as the area you live in is ideal to practice outside.

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