The Coolness of the Taiji Fan

For thousands of individuals who practice Taijiquan for health and well-being many will have asked themselves the question, what to learn once they have fully mastered the Taijiquan solo form.

Well, one of the most popular alternatives is the taiji fan (Shan) form, the fan can be easily carried to your class by being placed into your training bag, unlike the taiji sword which will need a sword holding case. Plus the fan does not look to threatening, unlike the taiji straight sword or taiji sabre

The practice of the taiji fan like all the other weapons that are used in the practice of Taijiquan are considered to be just an extension of the hand. It is said that the taiji straight sword develops the wrists and forarms, the taiji sabre develops the back and spine, the taiji staff develops the waist and the taiji fan develops the dexterity of the fingers and wrists.

The beauty of the taiji fan form is in the performers grace and elegance of movement and his or her skill in the timing of the opening and closing of the taiji fan in co-ordination with the whole body movement, breath and concentration.

The health benefits that are associated with the practice of the Taijiquan solo form are the same with the practice of the taiji fan form. In some cases many individuals would properly chose to practice the taiji fan form over the solo form as they find it more invigorating and beneficial.

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