Non-aggressive Self Defence for Women

Many women no matter their age are fully aware at times they wished they had learnt some form of self defence. As an attack could happen at anytime of their lives, either at home,in the work place or out socially with their friends. The soft non-aggressive self defence system of Tai Chi Chin Na is an ideal method of self protection for all females, as it is easy to learn, very practical and efficient.

Many women would rather not learn a martial art as they are scared that they will turn into an aggressive mad person. The learning of Tai Chi Chin Na is quite the opposite as the aim of Tai Chi Chin Na is to use your assailants strength, aggression and force against themselves. Plus Tai Chi Chin Na teaches you how to seize and grasp your assailants joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and energy points to subdue or immobilse them using little strength from yourself.

Women are most likely to be attacked by their attacker grabbing hold of them from behind. Regular Tai Chi Chin Na practice will teach you how to defend yourself from various positions of being held, especially from behind. Tai Chi Chin Na develops various sensing energies ( Jin) that a women needs to be able to learn to protect her self effectively. Some of these particular energies are Listening ( Ting Jin), Adhering (Zhan Jin), Sticking (Nian Jin), Bending ( Wan Jin) and twisting ( Ning Jin) are just some examples.

Learning Tai Chi Chin Na for a women is properly the best form of self defence to learn and maintain. As Tai Chi Chin Na’s movements are relaxed, soft, smooth and circular. There is no tension or stiffness within its movement allowing the health benefits that practicing Tai Chi can offer alongside its self defence techniques.

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