Quiet Sitting Dao Meditation

All over the world thousands of people practice some form of sitting meditation. Obviously the most popular styles are usually taught through the practice of Indian yoga and cover Buddhist Chan (zen) meditation. There are also many individuals who just practice sitting meditation alone, mainly for its ability to relax the whole body and release stress and tension both physically and mentally.

The practices of Daoist Meditation can also be used to just relax and to release stress, it can also be used alongside the practice of tai chi or qigong to help promote good health and nourish life (yang Sheng) with the purpose of slowing down the ageing process and to live a long life.

The practice of Daoist Meditation can be performed from either a lying position, sitting position, standing position or from a moving position. It’s ultimate aim is to transform the three treasure ( San Bao) of the body which are the essence ( Jing) changing to energy ( qi) changing to spirit ( shen) changing to nothingness (dao).

Learning just to sit and be quiet ( jing zuo) and concentrate on the breathing, although being a basic form of meditation ( jiben jing zuo) can be of great benefit to those individuals whose working life is very hectic and stressful, plus it can help those who suffer with poor concentration, low energy levels, insomnia. As just sitting in a quiet place without any type of disturbance for just twenty minutes a day can really help to improve relaxation by soothing the nervous system which can help to release stress, tension and anxiety. It develops concentration and improves breathing and blood circulation, boosting your vitality.


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