Feng Shou-Gongfu Stomping Kick

Here we are again with another explanation of one of the kicking methods that can be found in the practice of the Li family’s Feng Shou-Gongfu. This particular blog will cover the “Stomping Kick” (dun ti) which is a downward kicking technique that is performed with the toes facing inwards or out wards.

The stomping kick is not a flashy kick that would catch many peoples eye, but because it’s not flashy does not mean that it is not effective and easy to learn and use. It is obviously a close range kick where you are closing the distance between you and your opponent or your opponent as rushed in close to you. It is a practical kicking technique that can be easily combined with other kicking techniques or strikes, joint locks and throws. The targets to aim at are your opponents toes, instep, or ankles the kick can also be used in a turning body kick, where you rotate your whole body either in a 360 degree or 180 degree circle spinning towards or away from your opponent.

Another aspect to the learning of an effective stomping kick is that it can be easily disguised, especially if you use your footwork and hands to confuse your opponent then at anytime deliver the stomping kick, for which your opponent won’t see it coming, but he or she will feel its destructive power and usefulness as a fast close range defensive or offensive tool that every practitioner of Feng Shou-Gongfu needs in their tool box.

The stomping kick is rarely seen in many other martial arts, especially those that are directed towards competitive sport like kick boxing, Thai boxing, Taekwondo etc it is only the traditional martial arts that advocate its usefulness and practice it alongside other techniques that are not taught in competitive martial arts. But for self defence use you will not be able to find another kicking technique that is so effective and easily trained so that everyone from a young child to the more elderly individual can use it.


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