Learning the Chinese Internal Martial Arts is like shopping for good food

The learning of a Chinese internal martial art is much the same as going into your local food store to shop for various kinds of foods that are very particular to your own taste. As each and everyone of us is very much individual with our own likes and dis-likes, and so it is with the learning of an internal martial art. Even thou we might all be learning the same Chinese internal martial art like “Feng Shou-Gongfu” we will all like different kicking, striking, locking or throwing techniques from each other. Our own unique styles will be different even thou it’s the same style that we all are learning.

Once you start your practice you will begin to experiment with many different defensive and offensive techniques which you will then choose to fit into your own particular style. As a teacher you must also learn to teach your students the full range of your internal martial art and that includes the techniques that you personally would not use in your own style. But, as a good teacher you must also allow your own students to pick and choose their own unique style that might be completely different from your own by teaching and showing them the full internal martial art.

Even thou we all practice the same internal martial art, as individuals we will all specialise in different areas of that martial art, for example some might involve more kicking and striking. Were others may promote more wrestling and throwing and less striking and kicking for the learning of the Chinese internal martial arts are very much like shopping in a food store were you are picking your own favourite colours, flavours and tastes that fit your own likes as we are all individuals and not robots as taught in other popular martial arts.


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