The Hooking Kick of Feng Shou-Gongfu

Carrying on with our blogs which are covering the Li family’s Feng Shou-Gongfu kicking techniques. In this particular blog I will be explaining the “Hooking Kick” ( kou ti fa) which again is another effective and practical technique that is often used by many of the practitioners who practice Feng Shou-Gongfu.

The hooking kick is delivered horizontally from inside to outside. I some times call this kick the coiling kick as it can be used to bend around your opponents body and hit him from behind. The hooking kick can also be performed as a turning hooking kick, rotating the whole body either clock-wise or anty-clockwise. When using the hooking kick the back of the heel is the tool that is best used to issue a very powerful kick that feels as if you have been hit by a sledge hammer. The hooking kick can be delivered with the toes pointing inwards or out wards and is also used to throw your opponent to the ground.

When the hooking kick is combined with other kicks like the stamping kick then it is a technique that all Feng Shou-Gongfu practitioners want to learn and add to their own. It is especially used to target your opponents lower extremities such as the yin & yang acupuncture channels that run up and down the inside and outside of your opponents legs. The knee joints, calf and thigh muscles and nerves are also targeted as well as the groin.

As I have already mentioned in other blogs on the kicking techniques of Feng Shou-Gongfu. For a women looking to learn a martial art to boost her self confidence, self awareness and self protection then Feng Shou-Gongfu is ideal as it’s many kicking techniques are practical, effective and easy to learn as all of Feng Shou-Gongfu kicking techniques are used to attack your opponent below the waist which makes them fast and easy to disguise.


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