Dao Yoga Moving Exercises

My teacher the late Master Chee Soo once told me that there was over 400 moving exercises ( dong Xing) within the Li style Dao Yoga (Lishi Kai Men) system. This includes sitting, lying and standing postures which are broken into two sets which we call a Passive ( Yin) set and a more active Extension (Yang) set.

All of the moving exercises must involve five components which are the use of 1). The Legs, 2). The Arms, 3). The Torso, 4). The Breathing, 5). The Eyes. No matter wether you are practicing a sitting, lying or standing Dao Yoga exercise you must combine both the lower and upper extremities together, obviously this will include the moving of the torso by either bending it forwards, backwards or side wards or rotating it in a circle or twisting from side to side. All the physical movements are then co-ordinated with slow deep rhythmic breathing what I like to call ” Whole body breathing” (zheng Shen xi) the breathing is also used to focus the mind on the timing of the movements to stop the mind from wondering off. Again I call this ” the lights are on, but no one is at home” . And many individuals have this problem of not being able to concentrate for too long a period. Another technique to stop the mind from breaking its concentration is to use your eyes to focus on the primary hand that is moving, as we all know the saying ” the eyes are the windows of the mind” and were the eyes are, the concentration his. The development of the mind to reach a high level of concentration takes many hours of dedicated practice and through the practice of Dao Yoga’s moving exercises each individual can attain a fully, strong connected mind & body.

When all of the five components of the body are fully united together, then each individual will be able to develop a far more stronger ability to tangibly feel and move their own qi within themselves. As the body and mind becomes more fully inter grated to be able to guide and lead (daoyin) the qi to either rise, lower, open or close etc, then the more accomplished and beneficial the practice of Dao Yoga will be towards strengthening your general health and well-being.


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