The Splitting Technique of Taijiquan

Another of the eight energies of Taijiquan is known as “Splitting” or (Lie Jin) and is used quite extensively throughout the many different styles of Taijiquan. The Splitting energy is used by sweeping your primary arm in an upwards diagonal direction or in an horizontal direction across your body. In the Yang style Taijiquan the posture “parting the horses mane” is a typical example of the Splitting energy ( Lie Jin) as it travels for example, across the body usually from just above the left hip to finish in front of the right shoulder with the palm facing upwards, obviously it is then repeated on the opposite side of the body as shown in the picture that accompanies this blog.
Basically, Splitting means that the upper body should be moving in one direction, while the bottom half of the body is moving in the opposite direction, as can be seen in the practice of “parting the horses mane”.It could also be used alongside the “Squeezing Technique” as we know Squeezing means to compress your both hands towards each other either horizontal or vertically. But within the Squeezing technique there is also the Splitting technique?
In the Li style Taijiquan system the Splitting energy is seen within the posture known as “Brush the knee and side step” and there are plenty of variations of the Splitting energy used in the Li style Taijiquan form.
The best way to develop the Splitting energy technique is In the practice of Taiji pushing hands exercise ( Taiji Tuishou) which is the best way to develop your skill within all of the eight energies of Taijiquan. The Splitting technique is used in the practice of “Dalu” or Large Rollback exercise where you use stepping to try and off balance your training partner using the Splitting technique while remaining in contact with each other.

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