Taiji Joint Lock Counters (Taiji Fan Chin Na)

Alongside the learning of the many variations of Joint locking techniques that there are in the study of Taiji Chin Na (Seizing & Grasping the joints, tendons & ligaments). There are just as many more ways you can counter or reverse a particular joint lock back on your opponent.
Before you learn any joint lock counters ( Fan Chin Na) you must first cover three important aspects to help you become successful in your counters against any joint locks. The first aspect is to learn how to relax when someone is applying a painful joint lock on yourself. This takes some time to learn, as the natural response is to resist by tensiing, which stiffens your joints even more and causes the pain from the joint lock to increase more. The more you can learn to relax will allow you some few precious seconds to react against the lock. The second aspect after learning to relax and not resist is to then learn to move in the same direction as the force or pressure against your joint lock is taking you. If you pull back in the opposite direction to your opponents pressure on your joint, you could end up with you having a broken arm, wrist or finger? Again, once you feel the direction of pressure against your joint you must move in the same direction to ride the pressure, this could mean you have to move your whole body by taking several steps to place yourself in a better advantageous position to escape the lock.
The third aspect, after you have learnt to relax and move with the force against your joint is to then change the angle of your locked limb. This could simply be by turning your hand to either the left or right or again to simply bending your elbow up or downwards just to change the angle of the lock, once you have achieved a different angle you are better able to fully escape or in a better position to counter back with another lock of your own choice.
Any successful joint lock counter must be quick, crisp and powerful, as your opponent is not going to apply a slow lock, he or she is going to apply the lock fast and powerful. So you will have match their speed and strength.

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